Coffee without the coffee bean – molecular coffee kicks it up a notch


In California, a new coffee is in town that doesn’t even use coffee beans. Atomo Coffee has created what tastes and looks like traditional coffee by analyzing the molecular compounds in coffee and using them to create coffee without coffee beans.

Jarret Stopforth, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Co-founder basically reverse engineered the bean to create coffee from the ground up. “We looked at all the compounds in coffee at a molecular level – the body, mouthfeel, aroma, color – over 1,000 compounds in a roasted bean. We found the essential compounds for aroma and flavor. Then we sourced naturally-derived compounds to design our own coffee.

“We are building mouthfeel and body of molecular coffee to mimic that of conventional coffee by replacing the polysaccharides, oils and proteins found in the insoluble part of the coffee ground with natural, sustainable and upcycled plant-based materials that deliver the same great effect,” said Dr. Jarret Stopforth. At this time they aren’t disclosing their ingredients.