Cellulose based makeup pencils hit the cosmetics scene


In France, Alkos, a skincare and cosmetics company, launched a new set of makeup cellulose pencils made from recycled paper fibers. The pencils are 95% biobased and are said to sharpen as easily as the more traditional wood or plastic pencils. They are also compostable and recyclable and can be combined with a biobased or recycled plastic cap for durability, according to Premium Beauty News.

“An ecological alternative to plastic of course but also to wood, a natural resource to protect,” Alkos said in a statement to Premium Beauty News. “It’s a true innovative solution for a sustainable and ecological recycling,” highlights Laura Mariani, Marketing Manager of the Alkos Group.

The pencil tube shades can be customized with either black or raw colors. The outside of the pencil can be decorated and customized on demand.