First fossil-free ocean freight transport thanks to GoodShipping


In the Netherlands, GoodShipping bunkered the first batch of biofuels into a container vessel that otherwise would have entirely run on fossil fuels. The first pioneering cargo owners that made this possible along with GoodShipping and their biofuel program are Tony’s Chocolonely, Dopper, Blygold, Magic Marine and Mystic. Together they avoided over 40 tons of CO2 emissions and, because their biofuels replaced Heavy Fuel Oil, they also significantly reduced other local emissions like sulphur, soot and black carbon.

In collaboration with their partners GoodFuels Marine and Samskip, the bunker operation was a great success, according to GoodShipping’s press release. The ‘Samskip Endeavour’, a container vessel that carries over 800 containers and normally runs on a combination of fossil fuels like Heavy Fuel Oil and Marine Gas Oil, was bunkered with 22.000 litres of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil made from used cooking oil. This volume of fuels corresponds with the annual sea freight volumes of GoodShipping’s customers. The biofuels are supplied by GoodFuels Marine and will replace the equivalent volume of Heavy Fuel Oil.