Eni and Veritas turn trash to treasure with new bioeconomy agreement


In Italy, Eni and Veritas, a multiutility that collects, recycles and treats waste in the 51 Municipalities of the metropolitan area of Venice, signed an agreement to promote the circular economy by reusing waste and transforming it into energy.

As part of the agreement, a technical roundtable will be established to ascertain how industrial projects could transform waste from urban collection into energy. Eni intends to build plants in the biorefinery area in Porto Marghera. The working group, composed of qualified technicians, will design the industrial plants to produce biomethane, bio oil and hydrogen. In particular, their work will focus on the design of a treatment plant for residues of plastic materials, aiming to produce hydrogen, and a treatment plant for organic materials to produce biomethane. Plans to construct plants to supply biomethane to Veritas to fuel the company’s vehicles are also underway. The agreement also foresees that the multi-utility vehicles will soon be powered by Eni Diesel+ fuel, produced at the Eni biorefinery in Venice using an ever-increasing share of exhausted vegetable oils, and tested since April by all the city’s public transport watercraft.