Benson Hill and Agribody Technologies partner for biomass and seed yield increases


In Missouri, Benson Hill Biosystems and Agribody Technologies, Inc. partnered to deliver non-GMO yield and sustainability traits for seed companies working in corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton, sugarbeets, canola, potatoes, peanut, beans, rice, sorghum, wheat, and flowers.

Agribody Technologies, an emerging agricultural biotechnology company, has identified and validated a portfolio of highly conserved genes with broad application in multiple crops, including the regulation of two genes that significantly improve plant productivity and sustainability. “We have gained deep understanding and validation of these genes through multiple years of laboratory, greenhouse and field trials,” said Jerry Feitelson, CEO and co-founder of Agribody Technologies.

These stable genetic components deliver increased biomass and seed yields, delayed spoilage for increased shelf life and enhanced tolerance to diseases and abiotic stresses such as drought, heat, cold, salt, low nutrients, or crowding. Using Benson Hill’s novel gene editing system will unlock these genetic components and provide co-development opportunities.