Enterra expands North American insect-based feed availability


In Canada, Enterra Feed Corporation is on track to complete construction of new facilities in Alberta in 2019, British Columbia in 2020 and the Midwestern U.S. in 2021. These new plants will substantially increase insect-based feed ingredient production, a sustainable substitute for traditional, resource-intensive ingredients for animal feed.

Each plant will cost approximately $30 million and three new major funding partners set the stage for future growth. Enterra CEO Geoff Gyles said, “We’re very pleased that three prestigious groups have chosen to strategically partner with us, led by ADM Capital’s Cibus Fund, a global equity portfolio specializing in the future of food. Also joining us are the German-based PHW Group, a global player in high-quality poultry products, and a prominent Canadian family-owned investment group.”

Enterra Whole Dried Larvae can be fed directly to poultry and birds, or mixed with other ingredients to produce formulated feeds for fish, poultry and pets.