Nexgen Plants emerges to commercialize novel crop technologies


In Australia, Nexgen Plants secured $3 million to commercialize two novel platform technologies developed at University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

The Australian biotech company, launched by UQ’s commercialization arm UniQuest in 2013, will first develop INTtrait technology, which rapidly generates new plant varieties with disease resistance and other important traits in major food, fiber, energy and ornamental crops, essentially speeding up natural breeding. The second is a virus-resistant technology that can quickly respond to emerging viral threats in crops, including tomatoes, capsicums, potatoes and sorghum varieties, such as sugarcane.

UniQuest CEO Dr Dean Moss said, “Crop losses caused by disease or environmental conditions like drought are a significant global problem and cost billions of dollars every year. This investment in the research and technology being developed by this innovative Brisbane company is evidence of its potential future impact for farmers and producers right across the world.”