Benson Hill forms Saturn Agrosciences to give canola the attention it deserves


In Missouri, Benson Hill Biosystems formed Saturn Agrosciences, a new subsidiary focused on improving the canola crop. Saturn will build on progress initiated last year through a partnership between Benson Hill and the University of Guelph, with funding from the Canadian Government’s Genome Applications Partnership Program to develop more sustainable and healthier varieties of canola.

Canola is a crop with exceptional health benefits that has not received sufficient focus to tap its full genetic potential. According to the 2018 International Food Information Council annual survey, heart health was the primary nutrition and diet goal cited by consumers.

“Canola oil has one of the most heart-healthy fatty acid profiles of all oils,” said Dr. Christine Rosenbloom, RDN, and co-author of Food and Fitness After 50. “As consumers seek more healthy food choices, canola oil offers an ideal option for food manufacturers and service providers looking to lower trans-fats in their offerings.”