SLANTRANGE releases aerial phenotyping for agriculture test plots


In California, SLANTRANGE, Inc., a leading provider of remote sensing and analytics systems for agriculture, released a new suite of analytics services developed specifically for the needs of test plot research. SLANTRANGE Aerial Phenotyping provides researchers and breeders with classes of agronomic information for each individual plot of a field trial, delivering new levels of insight and efficiency and accelerating results for agricultural research operations.

“High-resolution imaging and in-field analytics creates powerful new insights for farmers,” said Wendy Poulsen, Director of Pipeline Innovation & Optimization of The Climate Corporation. “We are excited to be working with SLANTRANGE to unlock new value in agriculture.”

The service provides two major advantages over current data collection methods for test plots – first, a full suite of phenotype metrics and second, an automated and scalable solution to collect this data.  Example metrics include plant counts, plant size distributions, vegetation fraction, chlorophyll index, and vegetation indices.