Kickstart Food launches with one billion dollars from Rabobank


In The Netherlands, Rabobank announced Kickstart Food, its global activation program to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food supply. In partnership with UN Environment, Rabobank will launch a one billion dollar facility to initiate land restoration and forest protection initiatives.

Launching the facility marks the start of a three-year initiative to kick-start and scale up Rabobank’s support for clients and partners in the transition to a more sustainable food and agricultural sector. The Kickstart Food initiative has four key focus areas: Earth, Waste, Stability and Nutrition.

This facility is part of the first focus area: Earth, which is centered on sustainable and environmentally sound food production. The Waste program will focus on reducing food waste throughout the food supply chain. The Stability program aims to create a more stable and resilient food and agricultural sector. The Nutrition program will focus on ensuring a healthy and balanced diet for everyone.