Woodio’s wood toilet wins top design prize


In Finland, Woodio has won the prestigious ISH Design Plus Award for its wood-based toilet. Made from a wood composite the Nordic-inspired interiors brand developed in 2017, the Woodio Block is impact-resistant, easy to clean thanks to a dirt-repellent coating, and even feels warm on the skin. It is also compatible with most European Union flushing systems. 

According to Woodio founder and CEO Petro Lahtinen, the Woodio Block offers an ecological alternative to ceramic bathroom products.  ”The demand for ecological products is growing rapidly. However, the bathroom sector has currently only been able to come up with solutions for reducing water consumption, but there has not been much progress in the material development side in this regard,” he adds.

The Design Plus Awards rewards “future-proof products… that demonstrate an optimum combination of sustainability, aesthetic appeal and functionality.”