Vegan condom brand maximizes pleasure with eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging


In Switzerland, a natural latex condom brand is going hard into ESG by switching to renewable electricity and packaging.

According to Feelgood Condoms—which boasts the cheeky tagline, “Not only for vegans & animal lovers: Feelgood satisfies everyone”—manufacturing will soon switch to EKOenergy-certified renewable and CO2-neutral energy in its production.

EKOenergy certification means there is no interference with existing ecosystems or a general impairment of fauna and flora, Martina Hammer, head of Feelgood’s marketing agency Brandmover, tells vegconomist.  “EKOenergy ensures that, for example, no electricity is drawn from wind turbines in bird sanctuaries. In addition, part of the electricity costs flows into the climate and environmental fund of the EKOenergy network, which promotes the expansion of environmentally friendly energy production worldwide,” she adds.

FeelGood’s condoms are made of 100% FSC-certified natural rubber latex and packaging is 100% recycled paper.