Field hockey world cup pitches feature biobased turf from Poligras


In India, the 2023 field hockey world cup fields at Bhubaneswar and Rourkela will use partially biobased turf manufactured by Spain’s Poligras

Shaun Goudie, general manager of Sportsgroup Asia, tells Sportstar the Poligras turf features Green Technology Yarn technology and requires 60–70% less water than the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games pitch.

“Green Technology Yarns are made in a very similar way that you would find Hydrocarbon products manufactured from extracted oil, except they are made from Renewable resources such as sugarcane,” he says. The yarn is produced by fermenting sugarcane to obtain ethanol, which can be converted to green ethylene and polymerized to biobased polyethylene. “This is ground-breaking technology and coupled with our other green initiatives, it provides Sportsgroup and Poligras with carbon neutral hockey turfs, a world leader in its field.”