Aleph Farms secures key kosher certification for cultivated steak


In Israel, Chief Rabbi David Baruch Lau has affirmed that cultivated steak produced by Aleph Farms is kosher—a ruling the company says paves the way for a kosher certificate for its product and the entire cultivated meat sector.

“It sets a foundation for an inclusive public discourse about the intersection of tradition and innovation in our society,” Aleph says in blog post on its website. “At Aleph, we innovate in order to provide quality nutrition to anyone, anytime, anywhere in service of people and the planet, and that includes people with unique culinary traditions. With this significant milestone, we’re excited to be allowing more groups of diners to enjoy our products safely within the bounds of their cultural norms, helping us to advance our inclusive vision for food security and tap into different ways of life.”

Aleph, which operates a production facility at Rehovot, Israel, also says it is “in contact” with Muslim, Hindu and other religious authorities about certifying its products as viable dietary options for these groups.