Synbio firm Visolis raises $8 million


In California, Visolis has raised $8 million in seed funding to advance its platform, which combines synthetic biology and traditional chemical catalysis to manufacture biobased chemicals.

Visolis currently operates facilities in Hayward, CA and Libertyville, IL. It has commercial products and partnerships with leading chemical and skincare brands and has developed methods to produce key precursors for polymers, solvents, and resins.

First Bight was among the participants in the funding.  “Visolis is the perfect example of how Industrial Biology will deliver solutions for us to achieve our sustainability goals and re-establish humanity’s balance with our planet,” First Bight Founder Veronica Wu said.

Visolis has also received grants and funding from USDA, US DoE, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. BlueYard Capital led the current round. Co-investors include Zeon Ventures, Global Brain, and Acequia Capital.