Furious McFlurry fans decry paper spoons


In Chicago, fast food mainstay McDonald’s is the latest chain to receive pushback from consumers who demand sustainable service items but will not suffer any inconvenience.

McDonald’s recently swapped the plastic straw/spoon combo on its popular McFlurry packaging to a paper alternative, but social media is grumbling over the combo serviceware’s performance.

“Love a Maccy D’s but the nasty paper straws with the milkshakes and the even worse horrible paper tasting spoons in the McFlurry’s is a step too far!” griped one poster, according to a story on msn.com. Another user, named Jen, was even more dramatic: “Just let the environment die, we’re all f***ed anyway.”

Others weighed in with more measured and helpful input: “There is literally biodegradable plastic, why continue to give a paper product that doesn’t work?” asked CHW.

Taco Bell recently received similar backlash for the performance of paper nacho cheese cups, which were introduced in specific geographies to comply with single-use plastic bans.