Project Eaden raises $2.3 million for meat fiber-spinning technology


In Germany, food tech startup Project Eaden has added €2.1 million (US$2.3 million) to previously announced seed funding to advance its meat fiber spinning technology. The additional cash brings the total fundraise to just under $11 million.

Based in Berlin, Project Eaden believes its bio fibers can be “spun” onto spools and then bundled to create more realistic meat analogues. It aims to launch a plant-based steak later this year.

Founder David Schmelzeisen tells TechCrunch the challenge with plant-based meat is texture. “We create fibers which have several material components so that when you bite through each of the million fibers, you have this kind of bite resistance that real meat has when you chew it,” he says. “It makes a real difference. We believe we have a unique chance to build an outstanding company, from a unique technology angle and to create something that is cool.”