Edible NakedPak acts as food packaging and flavor/sauce packet in one 


In Israel, design student Naama Nictora has created an edible and dissolvable food film out of algae that can replace plastic and paper packaging and even encase sauces and spices for convenience. 

Dubbed NakedPak, the coating is clear, tasteless, and can be manufactured in 2- or 3-D sheets. Spices and sauces can be added to create flavored packaging that dissolves in boiling water—a feature any college students subsisting on ramen can attest would be very useful.  

To showcase NakedPak’s potential for sustainability and convenience, Nictora created a series of prototypes. One of the five concepts was dry-frozen vegetables and vegetable stock in a sheet that when rinsed and boiled became a ready-made soup. Another option consisted of spaghetti and tomato sauce wrapped in the material that could be cooked as a one-pot meal, while a third meal consisted of a Thai curry wrapper enclosing a serving of white rice. A lasagna prototype as well as vanilla ice cream wrapped in a raspberry sauce-ball were also developed.   

“NakedPak is a suggestion for the near future, a vision, a dream. A world in which we will not want to miss out on being comforted by delicious food,” Nictora adds.