Cruelty-free kebabs: Future Meat adds lamb to portfolio


In Israel, cultivated meat pioneer Future Meat Technologies has produced lab-grown lamb that looks, cooks and tastes like conventional ground lamb meat. 

The company uses animal fibroblasts to replicate real lamb meat in a lab. The result is a non-GMO product that is cost-effective, sustainable, scalable, and does not require fetal bovine serum. 

“In passing this milestone, Future Meat reinforces its position as a leader and pioneer in the cultivated meat industry and shows again the limitless potential of how innovation can drive sustainable solutions,” Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, CEO of Future Meat, says in a press statement. “The key learnings will be leveraged as we work to produce other meats, including beef and pork, increasing Future Meat’s market offerings for consumers.”

Future Meat’s development of cultivated lamb started in 2019 with fibroblast cells isolated from Awassi sheep, generating two independent ovine cell lines, that divide indefinitely.