Mirai and Shiok partner on cultivated beef


In Singapore, two major cultivated meat companies have partnered to develop lab-grown beef and secure regulatory approval. Under the terms of the agreement, Switzerland’s MIRAI FOODS will supply Gaia Foods, a subsidiary of Singapore’s Shiok Meats, with its bovine muscle and fat stem cells. In turn, Shiok Meats will provide MIRAI with its advanced regulatory information and know-how, which it gained from being located in the first country in the world to approve the sale of cultivated meat and home to the largest cultivated meat facility in Asia. MIRAI’s regulatory dossier filing in Singapore will be a first crucial milestone for the Swiss company to enter markets outside of its home ground.

“We already started working with MIRAI’s stem cells and are very happy with their performance,” Sandhya Sriram, Group CEO at Shiok Meats and Gaia Foods, says in a press statement. “Whilst we will leverage our regulatory status and expertise to help MIRAI accelerate its market entry in Singapore, we are also eyeing on potential production and distribution of our seafood products in Switzerland, a high purchasing power market with a strong first adoption mindset.”