Just add champagne: Cell-based caviar promises sustainable roe-mance


In the Netherlands, Geneus Biotech and scientists at Wageningen University & Research are working together to develop cell-based caviar. 

The project, dubbed Magiccaviar, is hoping to find an alternative source for the pricey delicacy pushing the Beluga sturgeon to the brink of extinction. 

“A closely related sturgeon species is used to develop the methods in order to minimize the adverse impact on a very rare species,” says Geneus board member Dr. Muriel Vernon. “Since the two species are phylogenetically close, transfer of the results obtained to beluga is expected to be relatively effortless.” 

Geneus also recently debuted cell-based fur, which it calls Furoid, which it hopes will provide a sustainable, humane, and slaughter-free alternative to the fur industry.