Meat without feet or fins: Lab-grown sushi plant set to open in Bay Area


In California, cultured seafood company Wildtype is set to open a new facility that can, at full scale, produce 200,000 pounds of cell-based, sushi-grade salmon annually. The company will also open an adjacent education center and sushi tasting room. 

The San Francisco facility is expected to open in the next 2 to 3 months. 

“Global demand for seafood is outpacing supply, so the status quo needs to change. Our pilot plant will showcase the promise and wonder of growing fish fillets using cell cultivation,” says Aryé Elfenbein, Wildtype co-founder,  in a press statement. “In addition to being designed to shorten innovation cycles and facilitate the scaling of food production, the facility will be a place where the public can learn about this fascinating new technology.”

Wildtype expects its first customers to be local foodservice, and says local chefs have already indicated interest. Sales to retail outlets such as Walmart and Trader Joes would follow.