Dissolvable towers could help speed forest recovery after fires


In Italy, architect Alberto Roncelli has proposed an innovative solution to jump-starting forest regeneration after forest fires. Dubbed Regenera, the 80-meter-tall building is actually designed to break down, spreading seeds and nutrients to help accelerate new growth. The structure also provides a safe haven for small animals and birds. 

“Regenera proposes a new paradigm that creates the possibility to carefully program and diversify each part of the structure, defining a life cycle determined by erosion and constant transformation…which is exactly what the cycle of life is all about,” according to Yanko Design. It adds that 7 million acres were burned in the United States in 2020 alone, and approximately 46 million acres have burned in Australia in just under two years. 

The design includes input from chemists, phytogeographers, meteorologists, engineers, and biologists.