Mosa Meat raises $55 million to ramp up cultivated beef capacity


In the Netherlands, lab-grown meat start-up Mosa Meat has raised $55 million to boost capacity at its Maastricht plant and obtain regulatory approval in new markets.

“In the next 3 years, we aim to scale up to one industrial-sized production line, work with regulators to demonstrate the safety of cultivated meat, and introduce the first cultivated beef to consumers,” Sarah Lucas, Mosa production head tells Unilad.

Seven years ago, Mosa Meat gained attention for making history’s first lab-grown burger. Since then, the company has grown to 50 scientists. It has also cut the of the burger by a factor of 88. Its first burger cost €250,000 (US$291,673) because it used fetal bovine serum extracted from a cow’s uterus; the company has since developed a formulation that is animal-free.

Luxemburg’s Blue Horizon Ventures led the funding.