Faux pas-free foie gras firm nabs government grant


In Japan, cell culture products company IntegriCulture has been awarded a ¥240 million ($2.2 million) government grant to build a commercial bioreactor facility.

Founded by Yuki Hanyu in 2015, IntegriCulture’s first product was a cell-culture foie gras. The company says its next product will be a cultured serum for cosmetics—set to launch in spring—followed by cultured steak and other meats in the next 3 years. Cell-based leather and fur, as well as medicinal products, are also in its pipeline. The company recently raised $7.4 million in a Series A round.

The grant was provided by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation, the Japanese Ministry of Economy’s Trade and Industry  innovation accelerator. The NEITDO will award a total of ¥5.77 billion ($54.7 million) to startups in 2020.