3D-printed steak startup invests in lab-grown fat


In Israel, 3-D printed steak startup Meat-Tech 3D Ltd. is planning to buy an unnamed cultured fat company for $17.5 million and plans to list soon on the Nasdaq.

Meat-Tech 3D Ltd. uses in-vitro cells to produce cultured meat using 3D printing. The acquisition will help the company “[print] the complete steak in the laboratory that contains all the ingredients of a steak including fat, while the target company also has fat that can be integrated in the future in cultured chicken and cultured fish products,” Meat-Tech CEO Sharon Fima tells Globes. “They are also suitable for hybrid products, in other words plant-based products that add cultured fat from meat. We do not have such products but it’s possible to cooperate with companies that manufacture plant-based meat alternatives and enrich it with cultured fat from animals.”

The company has raised NIS 27.8 million ($8.1 million) over its last two offerings and has a market cap of almost NIS 300 million ($87.3 million).