Indian entrepreneur launches natural sanitary napkin line


In Tamil Nadu, homemaker turned entrepreneur T Kannama is selling cotton sanitary napkins to replace non-biodegradable and allergenic feminine hygiene products.

“I wanted to produce sanitary napkins that do not cause health problems. This is 100% pure cotton napkin made using surgical cotton and fig cotton. No chemicals are used,” Kannama tells Republic World.

Kannama’s pads use surgical cotton, neem, aloe vera and Triphala powder with antibacterial properties.

“I was interested in knowing about herbs,” she added.  As my interest grew, I researched about it and thought to do something on menstrual hygiene. I started creating awareness in school among students about menstrual hygiene and learned how girl students are struggling as they use cloth. Some did not even attend school during their period days as they could not afford regular pads.”