Food blogger reviews grain-based single-use spoon


In San Diego, TwentyFifty has launched biodegradable and edible utensils from wheat flour, soy flour, corn flour, and water. The company claims its utensils are as hardy as plastic counterparts but will break down in soil in around 10 days.

Food blog FOODBEAST tested  a TwentyFifty spoon, and reported it did not get soggy even when left for an hour in cereal and almond milk. “Functionally, it works like any spoon,” FOODBEAST reports. “I do wish it was a bit deeper, so I could fit more liquid in one bite. But, hey, sustainability beggars can’t be choosers.”

The blogger then tested the edibility of the spoon, and found that it was a little tough to bite into. “TwentyFifty’s website claims they’re “nearly edible,” and I’m here to tell you that this does, in fact, mean nearly edible,” they add. “I almost broke my tooth trying to bite into a dry spoon, so I can’t say I’d recommend counting on these as a nice post-meal snack anytime soon.”

The spoons are a bit pricey, with a pack of 24 running you $17. “Once the brand gets their price point down and distribution up, TwentyFifty could (and hopefully) be the spoon of the future,” FOODBEAST concludes.