Faux-snow: Movie makers embrace renewable flakes


In Vancouver, special effects firm Thomas FX is producing biodegradable artificial snow from unspecified food-grade ingredients.

Dubbed SNO-FX!, the fake fluff was developed by a biochemical engineer and dissolves in water, cutting down on clean up cost and time.

“Whether it is the UK, Canada, China or India, movie executives are realizing the environmental impact certain special effects have on the locations,” says John Quee, CEO of Thomas FX Group, Inc. “SNO-FX! was painstakingly researched and to create a product with minimal to no environmental footprint. The fact that it is the artificial snow of choice for top blockbuster movies shows you can have your cake and eat it too.” The snow has appeared in moves like The Revenant and Interstellar.

Traditionally, fake snow is made from polystyrene or bleached cellulose, both of which are harmful to the environment. Thomas FX says SNO-FX is “whiter and act[s] more like real snow.”

The effects firm also offers biodegradable volcanic ash, trade named BIO-ASH.