DuPont’s Sorona used to produce faux fur line


In London, sustainable fashion brand Stella McCartney, biomaterials giant DuPont, and faux fur maker Ecopel have developed what they call the world’s first biobased faux fur.

Dubbed Koba, the material is made from DuPont’s Sorona biobased fibers and recycled polyester and will be featured in McCartney’s summer 2020 line.

“We’ve been working with Stella McCartney for several years and we have clearly been positively influenced by her values,” Ecopel CEO Christopher Sarfati said in a statement to Sustainable Brands. “Not only are we proud to offer animal-friendly alternatives to fur, but are even more proud to take the road less traveled in designing new ways to create faux fur. From recycled to bio-based, we are supporting a transition toward more sustainable materials.”

DuPont says Sorona’s molecular structure imparts softness, “brilliant” colors and moisture wicking, allowing Ecopel to create a full suite of faux furs. The faux fur can also be recycled and requires less energy to produce.