Algae-based solar component startup wins Green Challenge


In Sweden, startup Swedish Algae Factory has won the 2019 Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge for its work cultivating deep sea algae for use in higher-efficiency solar cells and personal care products.

Founded and led by Sofie Allert, the company was awarded €500,000 (USD$549 million). It sells the silica shells of the algae, trade named Algica, which  can be used in place of harmful chemicals in solar applications.

“We are so happy and honored to win this prize,” Allert tells Innovator’s Magazine. “This win helps us reach more personal care and solar clients and increase our production capacity faster. Algica reduces CO2 with 200 tons/kg per year when applied on solar panels and replaces harmful and less efficient ingredients in personal care. Algica is contributing towards a more circular and bio-based industry.”

Swedish Algae Factory’s cultivation facility in Kungshamn, Sweden feeds its algae nitrogen and phosphorus extracted from fish farm wastewater.