Pricey Moon Parka kicks off sustainable outerwear revolution


In Japan, biotech firm Spiber has partnered with outerwear brand Goldwin to launch a jacket made from fermentation-based proteins.

While similar prototypes have been displayed, the companies say this is the first time the jacket will be available for commercial scale—albeit in limited volumes and at a steep price tag of ¥150,000 (USD$1,410). Dubbed the Moon Parka, it will be sold by North Face in Tokyo, but only via lottery.

“The release is only for a limited number of pieces. This may be one small step, but we will strive to make it one giant leap for creating a better society,” Kazuhide Sekiyama, representative executive officer of Spiber, said at a Tokyo press conference, reported by Japan Today.

Spiber began researching spider silk because of the material’s strength and elasticity and has developed Brewed Protein as an alternative to petrochemical and animal derived materials in high-performance clothing.

Fifty Moon Parkas will be available in this release. Spiber is building a facility in Rayong, Thailand to scale production.