Beer packaging gets a green makeover


In Mexico, E6PR, a company developing biodegradable six-pack packaging, says over 35 brewers across the globe are using its product to reduce plastic waste.

“Is the six-pack ring the biggest issue in the ocean causing the biggest problem? No,” Dustin Jeffers, cofounder and head of operations for SaltWater Brewery, an early adopter of E6PR’s product, tells Fortune. “But it is something that people interact with every day, and they are a problem.”

Corona has adopted the technology, while Molson Coors recently partnered with E6PR’s competitor, Footprint, to trial its solution on a limited basis.

“As a consumer products company, you need to continue to test, learn, and meet the needs of what was previously delivered, but make it sustainable,” says Kim Marotta, Molson Coors’s global senior director of corporate responsibility and alcohol policy.