This Bud’s for you and it was shipped in a zero-emission hydrogen truck


In Missouri, cold beer is being transported in hydrogen-powered zero-emission semi-trucks as Anheuser-Busch moves to more sustainable shipping. The company plans to buy up to 800 of Nikola Motor’s semi-trucks to meet its objectives of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% across its entire supply chain by 2025.

“With that one planned purchase, Anheuser-Busch could decarbonize its entire group of trucks that move beer from its breweries to wholesalers and cut its carbon emissions from transportation by 18 percent in the process,” according to GreenBiz.

Ingrid De Ryck told GreenBiz, “The ultimate goal obviously is to move toward zero-emission vehicles wherever that is possible and use low-emission vehicles everywhere else. So as a company, we are one of the first companies that will get some zero-emission long-haul trucks in their fleet. And we are already transitioning part of our short-haul fleet to low emission fuels like CNG and [renewable natural gas].”

“In the U.S., transportation is the No. 1 generator of greenhouse gas emissions,” said De Ryck. “In our company, transportation accounts for 10 percent of our carbon footprint. So that is our focus now to make the biggest change there.”