Roping you in with eco-friendly options – Skip the bag, shoebox with rope handle is new packaging alternative


In Canada, the ALDO Group, a footwear and accessories company, will phase out all single-use shopping bags from corporate stores globally, as part of the company’s continued efforts in sustainability. The new initiative encourages customers to opt for an eco-designed shoebox made from recycled material and with a built-in handle that makes single-use bags obsolete.

The move will keep an estimated 10 million bags per year out of the ecosystem and save an estimated 11,000 trees per year. This August, ALDO will transform its Broadway location in New York into an environmental activation that showcases the impact that the ALDO brand has by ditching single-use bag: approximately 8,500 trees saved per year, roughly 1/3 of the 26,000 trees currently found in the park. The store will also be completely paperless during the activation, from receipts to marketing signage, and the initiative will be mirrored in London on August 29th, using Hyde Park as inspiration.

As the first fashion footwear and accessories company in the world to be certified climate neutral, this bag-free initiative is a natural next step for the company in reducing its environmental footprint.