CBD supply chain meets blockchain technology


In Colorado, CBD is going high tech with Mile High Labs Client Portal now powered by Ethereum Blockchain, allowing customers to securely and transparently trace the entire CBD supply chain—from harvest, through production, to distribution.

In their ongoing efforts to increase transparency and bolster consumer trust within the industry, Mile High Labs recently announced significant advancements to their CBD supply chain. At the forefront of these efforts is the implementation of blockchain technology.

“Blockchain technology helps us aggregate data from all of the systems within our supply chain to ensure no information gets lost or modified as the product moves from farm to lab and ultimately into the hands of the customer,” said Sébastien Pasquali, Supply Chain Solutions Manager.

“All of our data is encrypted, rendering it immutable and unable to be altered by outside sources, further securing our supply chain and providing our customers with many additional benefits including on-demand documentation,” according to their press release. “Thanks to blockchain, you can trust that the COA, SDS and Harvest Information accurately represent the product you’ve received.”

“With new CBD legislation expected soon and substantial growth in international trade of CBD, delivering compliance, transparency and regulation requires innovation on all fronts, including logistics and operations.”