Itaconix gets first European order for new biobased detergent polymer


In New Hampshire, Itaconix received its first order from a European customer for its latest bio-based detergent polymer following successful trials. The customer is a major producer of non-phosphate automatic dishwashing detergent products.

The new detergent polymer, which was introduced in 2018, has gained broad use in a new generation of North American automatic dishwashing detergents. However, this expansion of use into the European market represents a significant milestone for the Company due to the higher performance demands for automatic dishwashing detergents in Europe.

Dr. Jim Gordon, Director of Cleaning & Hygiene at Itaconix, said: “Europe presents special challenges for detergent formulators. Hard water conditions and high-temperature dishwashing machine cycles create difficult barriers for new detergent ingredients to gain acceptance.  Building on our success in North America, we have now demonstrated that our new polymer delivers unique value and performance that meets the demands of European customers.”

John R. Shaw, CEO of Itaconix, stated: “As phosphates are phased out due to environmental concerns, our novel bio-based polymers are stepping in to enable a new generation of safer detergent products that set new standards for performance, value, and increased sustainability.  We expect European detergent use will support our forecast revenues for 2020 and beyond.”