Canadian company looks to benefit from straw bans


In Canada, entrepreneurs Geet Sheth and Ravi Kesh have founded a paper straw company to meet demand for green options amid numerous plastic straw bans.

“What we’re doing is sending out quotes and pricing, and a lot of people have special requirements in terms of, let’s say, a wrapper or individually wrapping the straws or printing something on the straws. So we’re just trying to entertain them depending on their needs. That’s what we’re doing at this point,” Sheth tells the Cambridge Times. “We did the research in terms of getting the right paper and adhesive to make a straw that is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant and doesn’t jeopardize the safety of the people using it.”

Green Circle Dine Ware recently received $30,000 of seed funding from Innovation Guelph’s Fuel Injection program.

“For manufacturers like us, the ideal scenario will be that we just sell it to the distributor and everybody can buy from the distributor, instead of us going to every restaurant and selling a small case of straws,” Sheth adds.