Vegan deodorant boasts over 100,000 armpits served


In the Netherlands, a vegan cosmetics firm has launched a line of deodorants it claims will be a “revolution for the planet and your armpits.”

Nuud deodorants contain ten, natural ingredients—ecocert silver, coconut oil, castor oil, zinc oxide, almond oil, mineral clay, vegetable emulsifier, castor oil extract, vegetable mix-enhancer, and carnauba wax—while excluding ingredients found in conventional deodorants such as aluminum, artificial fragrances, salts, parabens, and alcohols. The packaging is even made from sugar cane, and production is carbon-neutral.

As of February 25, 2019, 173,096 armpits have been “served,” according to a ticker on the company’s website. A starter pack costs €12.95, and a “smarter” pack will set you back €24.95.