CoClear creates world’s first data visualization of product carbon footprints


In New York, an interactive data visualization depicting the life cycle analysisv (LCA) of hundreds of commercial and consumer products has been developed by sustainability consultancy CoClear, Inc. The data underlying this tool — called the Carbon Catalogue — represents the detailed product submissions made by companies to CDP between 2013 and 2017 as part of their ‘Supply Chain Climate Change Information Request.’

By generating carbon-intensity data for each product — through measuring the rate of carbon emissions per kilogram of product — CoClear was able to identify industry trends, as well as track product performance improvements along value chains.

This comprehensive data is drawn from 145 companies from 28 countries, representing 30 global GICS industry groups and totaling 866 products.

This is the first time an analysis of global product data has been assembled into a data visualization, providing participating companies across industries — including Braskem, Danone, GM and Stanley Black and Decker — a platform they can use to explore their product’s carbon footprints along with those of other companies that reported to CDP.