Covestro develops biobased film perfect for hairstyling products


In Germany, Covestro, one of the world’s largest polymer companies, developed a film-forming polyurethane dispersion for hairstyling products with a carbon content based on 58 percent biomass. The film former called Baycusan E 1000 is the first product of the new eco series and achieves the excellent performance level of synthetic acrylate polymers, in particular in formulations where a long-lasting hold and a good humidity resistance are critical.

Baycusan eco E 1000 is the first product of the new eco series of film formers, and fulfill the requirements of ISO standard 16128 part 1 to be designated as a naturally derived ingredient.

“Our new biobased film former can be used to manufacture sprays and gels that give the stylist a good, long-lasting, and flexible hold while offering anti-frizzing properties,” explains Dr. Laurence Pottié from Global Business Development for Cosmetics. “Our hairstyling laboratory measured key properties of the new biobased PU dispersion and compared it to petrochemical-based filming polymers available on the market. In addition, we tested formulations using the new dispersion and with synthetic polymers.”