Bio-on wins “Best Practices” award for most innovative component in cosmetics


In Italy, bioplastic innovator Bio-on won the “Best Practices” award from Frost & Sullivan for the most innovative component for the cosmetic industry obtained from renewable vegetable sources (New Product Innovation in the Bio-based Ingredients for the Cosmetics industry). Frost & Sullivan analysts chose Bio-on as the award winner due to the “extraordinary performance of Minerv Bio Cosmetics bioplastic microspheres designed to replace polluting microplastics derived from petroleum and today contained in many cosmetic formulations. An innovation that has obtained certificationsNatrue and Cosmos , destined to deeply transform the beauty products sector.”

Frost & Sullivan analysts write that “Bio-on has developed an innovative range of patented biopolymers called PHAs (poly-hydroxy-alkanoates) under the MINERV brand that can be used as cosmetic ingredients because they are based on PHB (poly-hydroxy-butyrate), which is a completely biodegradable PHA.”

The award recognizes that Bio-on bioplastics ” are a sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers to be used not only in cosmetics but also in the food, healthcare, packaging and high-growth consumer products. Looking ahead – write the Frost & Sullivan analysts – PHAs could provide a potential solution for cancer treatment in the coming years.”