Natufia offers fresh produce grown automatically in your kitchen


In the United Kingdom, Natufia Labs, a startup developing machine-learning technology that grows plants right in your kitchen, closed a $1.2 million seed round to enable the company to expand into Europe and the United States.

The Natufia Kitchen Garden automatically grows the most nutritious assortment of fresh plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs in households and restaurant kitchens all year round.  Built with stainless steel, ceramics and integrating a built-in touch screen, the indoor garden offers more than 30 types of fully organic and recycled seed capsules including popular herbs and plants such as basil and kale.

Machine learning and real-time data analysis ensure the connected garden will process environmental changes and adjust its settings accordingly. “Natufia Labs’ dynamic team has a groundbreaking impact on producing fresh food and changing the ways people consume it,” said Juho Risku, partner at Butterfly Ventures. “Natufia Labs is changing the traditional agriculture model.”