Edible barcodes anchor blockchain for food


In California, TruTag Technologies, a provider of product identity solutions, and PwC Australia formed a strategic alliance to add TruTag’s edible barcode technology to the PwC Food Trust initiative. The Food Trust Platform provides manufacturers and consumers greater confidence in their food products.

“Blockchain technology offers brand owners a new means of sharing information and improving supply chain visibility. However, these systems are still reliant on ensuring a secure link or crypto anchor between the physical and digital world,” said Trent Lund, Lead Partner, Innovation and Ventures. “TruTag’s covert edible barcodes act as a perfect crypto anchor offering unrivalled security and a unique ability to directly mark foods and food-contact packaging.”

The PwC Food Trust Platform is an advanced and holistic anti-counterfeit technology solutions for the food and beverage industry and integrating TruTag’s edible barcode technology into the Food Trust Platform will enable it to deliver unrivalled supply chain visibility.