NSW government using less biofuel over last 6 years


In Australia, the New South Wales government is under attack by opposition who revealed a document showing the government is using less biofuel than it promised it would back in 2012. A memo from the Department of Premier and Cabinet from this April shows E10 fuel dropped across government agencies since 2011, instead of increasing. In 2012, the use of biofuels was required where available for all government agencies, but instead, 11 agencies used an average of 29% less ethanol fuel in their vehicles in 2017-2018 than they did in 2011-2012. One example shows the Department of Premier and Cabinet went from 72% ethanol in 2011-2012 to only 44% of ethanol.

NSW Labor better regulation spokesperson Yasmin Catley told the Australian Associated Press that the government should be leading by example and that “The government says motorists should be filling their cars with biofuel, but can’t be bothered making sure their public servants use it in their own fleet. This is the height of hypocrisy.”