Inari transforms plant breeding technology


In Massachusetts, with a mission to transform agriculture and positively impact society and the environment, Inari completed a $40 million Series B financing round, bringing its total funding to $55 million. Inari was founded in 2016 by Flagship Pioneering, which led and capitalized the company before spinning it out in 2018.

“Inari has developed promising technology and an unprecedented approach to plant breeding, which will help farmers sustainably grow more nutritious crops at higher productivity,” said Ignacio Martinez, General Partner at Flagship Pioneering. “We are proud of Inari’s rapid growth and successful spin-out, and we’re pleased to continue to support the company as they progress.”

Inari will accelerate the deployment of technologies into crops while increasing its cutting-edge technology tools; and, add to its diverse talent pool of more than 80 scientists, statisticians, engineers and advisors with a wide range of backgrounds from biology, agronomy, data sciences and software engineering.