Impossible Foods wants to eliminate animals for food by 2035


In California, Impossible Foods published its 2018 impact report, an annual update on the startup’s mission, business and strategic roadmap. The report, “Mission: Earth,” candidly charts Impossible Foods’ progress – including its biggest challenges – in pursuit of its 2035 vision.

The report also highlights the results of a study from researchers at Denmark Technical University to understand the impacts of adoption of Impossible Foods’ product at a national scale.

The study found that if 50 percent of ground beef from cows was replaced with Impossible Foods’ plant-based beef, America could realize the equivalent of removing the emissions of at least 11 million drivers in the United States for a full year; save the equivalent of the water used by at least 90 million Americans in one year; and release a land area the size of New England, which could be restored to healthy wildlife habitat, reducing atmospheric carbon in the process.