Construction to begin for biocoal commercial facilities around the world


In the Netherlands, a partnership of international companies will start construction of facilities at several locations around the world, where biocoal will be produced on a commercial scale. The partnership is initiated by Clean Electricity Generation (CEG) and Stork. Stork, a Fluor Company, will build and maintain the new production facilities.

The building of the first new production plant for biocoal is scheduled in Estonia. CEG and Stork are currently working on a front-end engineering and design of the installation. Construction starts at the third quarter of this year. Parallel to that, they will continue working on installations in Finland and outside of Europe with a main focus on North America. Energy innovation company CEG will supply the patented technology.

This biocoal can be used as sustainable fuel in power plants and heating installations all over the world. For the production of biocoal, at present woody waste residues are mainly used, among others from the wood-processing industry, sustainable forestry and green maintenance. The sustainable residual flows of biomass are converted into biofuel through so-called torrefaction technology. With this technology the biomass is converted into sustainable coal via a thermal refining process.