Lignin-based filament wins Canadian innovation grant


In British Columbia, BC Innovation Council has awarded $300,000 to Darrel Fry of Advanced BioCarbon 3D  and Jason Taylor of Selkirk College to develop biodegradable, 3D printing filament from engineering plastics and lignin-derived carbon fibers.

The project was one of four winners of BC Innovation Council’s fourth Ignite Awards, which handed out just under $1 million to four BC research projects. Since the Ignite funding was launched in 2016, it has given out $3.5 million.

“The BCIC Ignite Program helps turn cutting-edge research into ground-breaking, innovative technology that will significantly benefit British Columbia,” Shirley Vickers, president and CEO of the BC Innovation Council tells “Year after year, we see meaningful collaborations between industry and academia that are fueling economic growth and improving the lives of people across the province.”

The other winners include an inexpensive, low-maintenance ultraviolet water purification device; a retinal-imaging scanner for improved eye care; and an inexpensive solution for removing phosphorus and nitrogen from animal manure.