French bioplastic firm expanding product range


In France, packaging company SPhere is expanding its bioplastics offerings and anticipating Asia to be its next high-demand market.

Established in 1976, SPhere began using plant-based polyethylene in 2011. The range, called Alfapac Vegetal Origin, includes garbage bags, freezer bags, and cling films. More recently, the company launched Blueplast bags, which are made from materials safe for marine life and decompose in water within five days. SPhere is also looking to expand into compostable cups and saucers.

“Nowadays, everyone is focused on being eco-friendly. If everybody puts in a little effort to save the planet, we will all make a difference,” John Persenda, president, tells the South China Daily Post.

While Persenda says Europe its SPhere’s core market, he expects Asia’s rising middle class and increasing eco-awareness to drive rapid growth there as well.